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Sungmin as SJM Stylist

Kyumin moments in 2011

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cr: @km_sm


SS5:  28 shows, 20 cities,16 countries, 100 % hard work , everlasting fun and memories, It might be over but SJ and ELF will forever last.

"It’s not an END but an AND" 

cr. birinvell

Support Zhou Mi


we should really prove to sm that Zhou Mi deserves some recognition and Blind is just a test for ELF to pass. so please watch the below video (which I know you are already doing). But I dont know if you notice, it has the lowest number of views among the other videos from the joint recital. so please watch it several time, like and comment. 



If you are to describe ELF in your heart, what would it be? 


  • me at concerts: no they're still not real